Mumbai bridge collapse: “A difference of 2 seconds saved my life”

In the horrific incident which occurred last evening, 31 people have been injured and 6 dead. However, there were a few people who survived. Nilesh Yedge is among the lucky few. He avoided the bridge slab collapse my merely two seconds and was unharmed. Although, his uncle was not so fortunate and had to be rushed to GT hospital to treat his injuries

Mumbai bridge collapse: “A difference of 2 seconds saved my life”
Nilesh Yedge

“I had just begun to alight from the CST bridge, when a loud sound pierced my ears. It was like a sound which I had never ever heard before. I turned over to see what has happened. I could not believe my eyes. The bridge which I had just crossed a few seconds ago, had been vanished and fallen on the ground” says shattered Nilesh while speaking to My Medical Mantra.

Nilesh Yedge, 21, an engineering student who was present on the bridge which collapsed near Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, was narrating his ordeal to My Medical Mantra. Nilesh is one of the luckiest survivors, who had narrowly escaped death by only two seconds.

Nilesh’s uncle Atmaram is a fruit vendor and sells fruits under the CST bridge. He has been severely injured in the accident.

“Taking the bridge to cross over to CST station, is part of my routine. I just cannot describe what I had witnessed yesterday. It was horrific. My relative was trapped inside the debris, as I rushed to rescue him, what I could just hear were the screams of people. With the help of people, I managed to rescue my relative and two other passengers, and rushed to GT hospital with them,” added Nilesh.

In the unfortunate incident which occurred on Thursday, March 14. Thirty-one people have been injured and six people have died. Three out of the five deceased persons were nurses from nearby GT and St George Hospital.

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