Mumbai: BMC to conduct door-to-door TB campaign in November

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is set to conduct a door-to-door tuberculosis campaign for two weeks this month. It aims to find the maximum of cases in congested and crammed slum areas of the city


  • The door-to-door campaign will be held from November 12 to 24.
  • The previous door-to-door campaign was in January, this year. From January 11 to 27.
  • Health officers will visit the slum areas.
  • Door-to-door check-ups will be conducted.
  • Newly detected TB patients will be promptly treated.
  • 297 teams of consisting of health workers have been formed.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, BMC’s executive health officer Dr Padmaja Keskar, said, “The health workers will visit 65 areas in Mumbai. They will mostly be visiting slum areas. If detected with TB, the people will be taken to the nearest government-run lab for further tests.  Also, we will provide the patients with vouchers, so that they can get their X-rays done from private hospitals. Once diagnosed with TB, the medicines will be provided free of cost.”

Dr Daksha Shah, BMC, TB Control Department Head Officer said, “If a person has been coughing for more than 14 days, or gets a fever during the evening for more than two weeks,  or if they have chest pain, spit blood, swelling in the neck then these are the tell-tale signs of tuberculosis.  If these symptoms are present then should immediately visit the nearest BMC or govt-run dispensary, where free medications are provided.”

Dr Shah added, “If a person in the family has contracted tuberculosis, then other members need to be cautions and get themselves tested too. Once a patients starts the DOTS course, they should complete it and not finish it midway, as the disease can come back and be much more dangerous, as it can become drug-resistant and cause death.”