Mumbai: BMC to appoint counsellors in its schools

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Education committee has approved a proposal to appoint counsellors in civic-run schools. This move will help benefit the mental health of students

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In an ever-changing society world students in schools are easily influenced by peers. Due this many children begin to start smoking or use tobacco in one form or another. Also, access to the Internet has led to many children developing a gaming addiction, as they are glued to their mobiles.

Apart from this, students also face immense pressure from their parents to excel in academics and this in turn causes depression. Such children begin to have suicidal thoughts, at times, this leads to suicide attempts.

Now in order to resolve these issues and give students a safe outlet to share their thoughts, the BMC is set to appoint counsellors in its civic-run schools.

This proposal was sent to the BMC education committee by BMC civic education officer, Mahesh Palkar. This proposal has been approved.At this stage the recruitment process is in progress.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Mahesh Palkar, education officer of BMC, said, “Parents have high expectations from their children and these puts pressure on them. At times, students get into fights in school. Counsellors will be appointed in order to speak with these children so that they can understand what children are going through. It will also help the children share their thoughts in a safe environment.”

Palkar added, “But, at the moment there are no counsellors in any BMC-run schools. That is why we have decided to appoint counsellors for these schools. It will help ease the pressure on students.”

At present, there are 1,187 civic-run schools in Mumbai. There are 12,000 primary school teachers who teach at these schools. And over 2,96,815 students studying at these schools. Counsellors will help reduce the stress on these students by speaking to them and offering constructive solutions to their problems.

In July 2018, Mumbai’s Prince Aly Khan Hospital’s Health Service Aga Khan, had conducted a survey amongst school-going children regarding cigarette smoking.

The survey revealed:

  • 27% children are addicted to cigarette smoking
  • 3% children consume hookah
  • 24% children are addicted to tobacco products
  • 9% children smoke cigarette currently
  • 16% children mix tobacco in supari and consume it
  • 71% boys and 20% of girls are addicted to smoking
  • 54% children of class 10 smoke
  • 94% were aware of the consequences. Still, continue to smoke