Mumbai: Acid attack victims spread awareness about skin donation during Ganeshotsav

Many among us are unaware of skin donation and its importance but those who suffered an acid attack, and for them, skin donation is like getting life back. Two acid attack victims, Sneha and Sia, have come forward and helped Panchganga Ganeshotsav mandal, in Lower Parel, to build up a set to spread awareness about skin donation


Have you ever heard about skin donation? No! Right? Many of you may not have heard about this. Or are not aware of the procedure entirely. However, those who suffered an acid attack, for them skin donation is like getting a life back or a bliss.

One may not understand the importance of skin donation, but those who suffer enormous pain, agony, and mental scar, for them, a donors skin is like a getting a second life back.


To spread the awareness and importance of skin donation among the society, two acid attack victims have come forward, and what could be the better option than Ganeshotsav.

During Ganeshotsav, many people spread awareness through the social messages. Panchganga Ganeshostav Mandal, in Lower Parel, Mumbai, has built a theme of Acid attack and skin donation to spread awareness about it. Sneha and Sia helped the members of the Ganesh Mandal to build up a set to spread awareness.

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Back in 2007, Sia Parkar was attacked in Mumbai. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sia said, “After the attack, my face was burnt. I was too scared to face myself in the mirror. I suffered from depression for about six months. However, with the help of people close to me, I stood back on my feet.”

Sia further says, “Those who have suffered more than 60% burns, for them, plastic surgery is an option. However, the donor should donate his/her skin when he is alive or within six hours after the death. Only a few people come forward to donate skin, and no one comes forward to donate skin when he or she is alive. So, we are trying to spread awareness for skin donation.”

Art Director Sumit, while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “People still look up to the acid attack victims with a set mind-set. The society should change the mind-set and make sure that we will help these victims to spread their wings to achieve their dreams. With the acid attack theme, we have tried to convey the message that their face has been scarred, but not their dreams.”