Mumbai: 97 cases of leptospirosis detected, 7 deaths so far

In total, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has recorded 97 cases of leptospirosis and 7 confirmed deaths, five which occurred at civic run hospitals and 2 which took place in private hospitals


According to data released by BMC on monsoon related illnesses in July 2018:

  • Cases of leptospirosis have been on a rise this year, when compared with July 2017.
  • Cases of gastro have also increased. While cases of malaria and hepatitis have declined.
  • There were no cases of swine flu detected, this month.
  • 995 suspected dengue cases have been recorded
Diseases July 2017 July 2018
Malaria  752 624
Dengue 70 60
Leptospirosis 59 97
Gastro  1,010 1,089
Hepatitis 134 104
Swine Flu 413 0

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Padmaja Keskar, Executive Health Officer, BMC, said, “In July, 5 leptospirosis deaths were witnessed in civi-run hospitals. In July 2017, 59 cases of leptospirosis were detected and 97 cases were detected this year. This includes 33 patients from 15-29 age group.”

BMC Advisory for prevention of leptospirosis

  • Avoid walking through water especially if you have a wound on the legs.
  • Wash hands and legs thoroughly if you have walked through water.
  • With onset of fever, take immediate medical advice, do not self-medicate.