Mumbai: 79 Byculla jail inmates discharged from JJ Hospital

On Friday morning, immediately after having breakfast the prisoners complained of vomiting and stomach ache. The inmates were admitted to JJ Hospital, among the 87 inmates who were brought in to the hospital, 79 have been discharged

byculla jail

  • 8 inmates to remain in the hospital for further treatment.
  • From the 87 prisoners who have been admitted to the hospital, 79 were discharged on Saturday.
  • 7 females and one male inmate are being treated for dehydration in the hospital.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Anish V., Medicine Department JJ Group of hospitals said, “On Friday, 87 inmates were admitted in the emergency ward of the Sir JJ Group of Hospital. Out of which 79, will be discharged later today. Eight prisoners, including one male inmate will remain in the hospital as they are suffering from dehydration.”

Dr Vikas Kurde, a Gynaecologist from JJ Hospital, who was treating the inmates said, “Out of the 89 prisoners, three inmates are pregnant. But their condition is also improving and stable now. We will keep them under observation for 48 hours. One prisoner is suffering from anaemia so we are observing her situation.”