Mumbai: 27-yr-old dentist starts crowdfunding for her lung transplant

Dr Ruchi Jadhav, a 27-year-old aspiring medical student, was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. The cost of her surgery, medicines, and post-operative costs would sum upto Rs 50 lakh. For which she has started a crowdfunding campaign for her surgery


Dr Ruchi Jadhav, an aspiring medical student,  is pursuing her postgraduate degree at Tatyasaheb Kore Patil Dental College, Kolhapur. Recently, the 27-year-old was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and doctors advised her to undergo a lung transplant. She has started a crowdfunding campaign for her surgery, as her parents cannot afford the entire cost of the surgery.

“I was at the top of my life, until a few months ago, when I turned 27, then everything changed. I write this appeal in a state of despair, as I can barely muster enough energy to socialise, focus, walk, or even talk anymore,” said Ruchi.

“One morning, in March, my life took a turn for the worse. I woke up to attend my lecture and struggled to walk even 50 metres, from my hostel to the lecture hall! These episodes of breathlessness continued for a few days, until things became so bad that I couldn’t walk 10  feet without support. And then, something as simple as changing clothes would knock me out for the rest of my day. I couldn’t wake up anymore. I didn’t understand what the reason behind this could be, but my friends refused to give me more time, and listen to my body’s signals,” she added.

She was granted leave from her college and she left for Mumbai. In Mumbai, she consulted multiple doctors, who ran multiple tests on her. The tests revealed that the pressure in her lungs was way above the normal range of 8-22 sg.

“I was referred to a Pulmonologist at Global Hospital, Mumbai. where I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. The news came as a shock to us and my mother broke down. I was told that I could not continue my education, and that I may need a dual lung transplant or the condition would put my life at risk,” she added.

The cost of her surgery, medicines, and post-operative costs would sum up to Rs 50 lakh. She mentioned that her father could not afford the cost of the surgery.

“My father works in an automobile showroom, and has done well enough to provide for my brother, Prathamesh’s, and my education. His income is not much, but he has gone beyond his capacity to raise us well. He has been running from one trust to another, and is leaving no stone unturned to ensure my medical bills are paid for,” she mentioned.

Dr Unmil Shah, a Pulmonologist, Global Hospital, Parel, who is treating her, said, “She is diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, and she should undergo lung transplant as early as possible. People should be made aware of organ transplants so that people can come forward, and donate generously.”

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