MTP pills are still easily available online: Pune chemist complains to FDA

The buying and selling of medicine online is illegal. At the moment, there is no law which has been formulated yet for putting proper regulations in place. This uncertainty can lead to the procurement of medicine for wrong reasons. People use this platform to purchase sleeping pills and medicine of medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) pills

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In order to check the ground reality of this situation, the Vice President of the Pune Chemist Association decided to conduct a small experiment to know whether this is true, and to know for himself; if these MTP pills are indeed available online.

Vivek Tapkir went on a well-known online platform and placed an order on July 16 for the ‘Unwanted Kit’ for the medical termination of pregnancy. He received the package on Sunday, July 21.

Tapkir stated that he earlier received complaints that these pills are being sold online, to be certain, he decided to order them and his doubts were confirmed.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Vivek Tapkir said, “I was informed that condoms and MTP pills are being sold online. I decided to get a reality check and ordered them on Amazon. I received the package yesterday. There are no laws to regulate the sale of medicine online. Still, the companies are selling them.”

He added, “MTP pills should not be made available without a doctor’s prescription. This is illegal, yet I have received it. In the past also, I have ordered these pills online and complained to the FDA when I received them. The FDA had informed the police about this.”

Earlier in June, Kailash Tandle, president, Maharashtra Registered Pharmacists Association had also ordered these pills online to investigate the matter. A drug controller had filed an FIR in this regards. Now, Kailash has again ordered for the pills. The pills are being easily available online. The FDA should be more vigilant and take action against this.

Suresh Patil, Pune FDA Joint Commissioner, said, “Vivek informed us about this incident. We will be filing an FIR with the police tomorrow. There is no law to regulate this. The police should take stringent action to prevent it.”