More men opting for artificial dimples, say Mumbai docs

Plastic surgeons at Mumbai’s government-run hospitals have revealed that the number of men seeking cosmetic treatments has increased. Most of them, prefer to have the appearance of deep dimples. Normally, we associate cosmetic surgery with women, but now even men pay attention to their looks and vanity


Do you long to have a dimpled look like pop singer Cheryl Cole or Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio? Plastic surgeons are seeing an increase of requests for dimple plasties, a surgical procedure to add super-cute dimples like those modelled by celebrities.

Photo-shopped images of Bollywood stars with flawless skin, lustrous hair, bee-stung lips and killer cheekbones are visuals of perfection that reality struggles to match up to. It results in body issues. And has ladies heading to cosmetic surgeons for discreet cosmetic procedures to correct so-called flaws.

And now, the men, more conscious than ever before about their appearance, want to match those ideals of male beauty too. So perceptions may place the female sex at the top of the plastic surgery game, but the two sexes are virtually running neck to neck in the race for body beautiful

Men too want to put their best face forward. Men too want to look their best at meetings, conferences, in the super market, at a game and in their day to day activities.

There are two types of dimples check dimples and a chin dimple.

This type of chin dimple is via a dominant gene, so chances are if you naturally have one, your child will inherit it.

Now many men are coming forward for artificial cheek dimples. Plastic surgeons at Mumbai’s state-run hospitals like JJ Hospital, St George Hospital and GT Hospital say that dimple cosmetic surgery is a procedure which has rapidly gained popularity among young men.

The surgery usually costs 20-30,000 rupees in private hospitals. But the surgery is of low-cost in government hospitals.

While speaking to my Medical Mantra, Dr Nitin Mokal, said, “Both men and women generally approach us for dimple procedure. But now, there are rising cases of men opting for this procedure. We get around 10 phone calls a year regarding this procedure. But 25 per cent of the callers are male. In this procedure, local anaesthesia stitches are given inside the cheek and a dimple shape is given.”