Monsoon mantra: A nutritionist’s guide to a healthy monsoon

Many people are climate sensitive and often experience cold, cough, allergies, headache, joint pains and triggering of existing complaints. Following a healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of it

Monsoon mantra: A nutritionist’s guide to a healthy monsoon

We all enjoyed mangoes, jack fruit, ice apples (tadgolas) in summer and now the rains are here to give us respite from prickly heat.

Fill in your plate with all seasonal greens and fruits. Some vegetables many of which you may not have even heard of should be the part of your meal, now, since they are power packed with vitamins, minerals, energy and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Takla, bharangi, shevla, korla, kantola are cultivated without any pesticides and in a very natural way should be the monsoon trail.
  • Shevla packed with n number of nutrients is also called as dragan stalk yam and it’s cooked with amla. For non-veg lovers it’s a delicacy cooked with chicken kheema (minced chicken) and served with bhakri (jowar/ bajra rotla).
  • Takla is used to treat high fever whereas bharangi in Ayurveda is used for healing Respiratory disorders. Ambadi (gongura) is a major ingredient of Andhra foods too is very essential to control hormonal imbalance, improvising haemoglobin levels.
  • Kurdu is one kind of vegetable which is very useful for treating kidney stones and apart from minor ailments these vegetables can be used to treat chronic heart diseases and address issues like weight loss.

How can we forget about fruit tokri full of peaches, litchi, cherries , plums, fresh figs enriched with lot of nutrients and incorporating them your daily diet is the must.

These fruits contain phytochemicals (polyphenols) which help you to build strong immune system and keeps you away from various allergies, infections and disorders. These vegetables and fruits are high in fibre which help to keep digestive system on track and improves bowel movements.


Many of these fruits are anti-cancerous and reduce the multiplication of tumour cells. They are beneficial for flawless skin and reduce acnes and when used like facial scrubs can add glow guaranteed.

Lifestyle changes for monsoon:

  • Keep updated about the weather forecast and plan work and routine.
  • Frying pakodas is an important ritual when monsoon arrive; but practice it in moderation and do not over indulge.
  • Choose right meals and fresh veggies and make sure to rinse them under running water to clean any dirt and sand cling to it.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise at home if you can’t jog or walk out due to rains.
  • Sleep well
  • Boil the water and avoid chilled beverages rather lemon grass tea, ginger tea or tulsi kadha can help you to heal the sore throat from cold and cough.

The author is a sports nutritionist and clinical dietician