MMR vaccine: Maharashtra govt to start awareness campaign

The state government of Maharashtra has undertaken an awareness drive in order to dispel the misconceptions regarding the measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine. This is crucial, as it has been a controversial subject and is an important issue for parents

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google
  • The Maharashtra government has decided to launch an awareness campaign to inform parents about the MMR vaccine.
  • It will run advertisement through various mediums such as the television, newspapers, and radio.
  • It will also provide information regarding what exactly is the MMR vaccine.

This step has been taken as the union health ministry had recently sent a notification to the states, directing them that the MMR vaccine can administered only after the parents have given their approval.

The immunisation drive will begin from November 25 and will run till December 25. Recently, after the pulse polio vaccine scare the parents had started protesting the MMR vaccine. This is why the state considers it necessary to provide all relevant information to make the parents aware. So that they can take an informed decision regarding the vaccination of their child.

Recently the union health ministry had clarified that the vaccination drive will only begin once the parents are adequately informed about the MMR vaccine and provide their consent. The state government has started this initiative so that they can reach out the maximum number of people across all districts.