Miracle: Alibaug doctors save premature baby weighing 520 grams

The team of doctors at a civil hospital in Alibaug, managed to save a 26 weeks born baby boy, who weighed 745 grams, at the time of birth. What is worth crediting is that they did this without a ventilator. The baby was hospitalised for 68 days.The doctors managed the case well and it showed that under any circumstances doctors and relatives should not give up hope. The baby weighed 1.4 kg at the time of discharge

Miracle: Alibaug doctors save premature baby weighing 500 grams

A civil hospital in Alibaug, which did not have the facility of a ventilator, managed to save a 26 weeks baby boy, who weighed  around 520 gram. The baby stayed for 68 days in this rural hospital and was discharged with a weight of 1.4 kg.

The baby, who weighed 745 grams, at the time of birth and later went on to weighing as low as 520 grams, was miraculously saved by the doctors at the small civil hospital from one of the remote areas of Maharashtra.

When the incidences of babies on ventilator dying at big health care facilities in the country are being reported, the doctors at this civil hospital, which does not even have ventilator facility, led the fight with the child for 68 days and discharged the baby successfully in September this year. The latest follow up done last week, suggests that bay is neurologically normal.

Swati Malusare, (20) delivered a baby boy in one of the private hospitals when she was just 26 week pregnant in July this year.

Malusare, comes from an agricultural family background and was admitted in one of the private hospital in Alibaug, when she started feeling pain.

The boy weighed just 745 gm. at the time of birth. The treatment to the premature and underweight kid was denied by all the private hospitals in Alibaug. The baby was then brought to the civil hospital, Alibaug, Raigad district of Maharashtra.

After examining the condition of the child, the doctors decided to refer him to government hospitals in Mumbai. But, there too he was sent back because of lack of vacancy. The doctors at civil hospital in Alibaug, then took the challenge and saved the child. The child was discharged early this month with the weight of 1.4 kg.

Dr Sagar Khedu, a paediatrician at Civil Hospital, Alibaug, Raigad, said, “At three times I had informed the mother that child might die in three hours. He was refused by all the government hospitals in Mumbai because of lack of vacancy.

He was also suffering from infections. But, the baby’s stay in our hospital for 68 days and our team’s efforts saved this baby. He had come for the last follow up around last week and he looked neurologically normal. We call him miracle baby.”

While telling about the interventions that were made, he said, “As we did not have ventilator, we had opted for CPAP to ensure oxygen supply. This technique applies mild air pressure on a continuous basis to keep the airways continuously open in people who are able to breathe spontaneously on their own. Feeding through syringe and other modes was undertaken. Also, for around 17 to 18 hours of the day the concept of Kangaroo Mather Care (KMC) was used. In KMC the child’s and mother’s skin contact for those many hours was ensured for around 25 days.”

When asked about the case, Dr Minakshi Nalbale, paediatric surgeon from Sassoon General Hospital, said, “It is extremely rare case. Doctors have well managed the case and it shows that under any circumstances doctors and relatives should not give up on hope. Doctors in this case must have ensured good sanitation facilities and well examined feeding.”