Miracle: Ailing newborn escapes jaws of death

Rathods’ baby boy suffered severe complications of intestine as well as low body weight at birth. Three months and two operations later, he is all set to go home


Geetanjali Punit Rathod’s pregnancy was an uneventful one till she hit the sixth month. Married for three years with no apparent health issues, she was taken aback when the gynaecologist told her during her routine check-up that her baby seemed to have a growth problem.

 The Rathod’s from Borivali were directed to Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, where she was advised to undergo a Caesarian section. On July 19, 2017, Geetanjali gave birth to a baby boy and the Rathod’s were elated.

“I had the most sorted gestation period. I was married three years and had no serious health issues. During a routine check-up, we were told that our baby had an issue with growth and that there was a reverse flow of blood via umbilical cord. I, then, had a C-section delivery. The birth of my baby was a joyous as well as an overwhelming moment,” said Geetanjali.

Geetanjali Punit Rathod
Geetanjali Punit Rathod

The baby, who weighed 900 grams at birth, suffered from reverse flow of blood via umbilical cord, which means the mother’s blood was not being supplied to the baby.

“On the second day itself, the kid suffered from intestinal perforation. Due to lack of proper blood supply to the organs during the gestation itself, the kid had early multiple organ failure. Any kid with so many health hitches has very bleak chances of survival. He was managed with artificial respiratory support and intravenous nutrition for the first two months of his life, as his lungs were too sick to survive and his intestines were too friable to tolerate milk. All other organs also required a very close monitoring and support,” said Dr Hiren Doshi, director of Neonatal ICU, Nanavati Hospital.

“This kid is a real fighter and it’s a miracle that he is so healthy now. As of now, he doesn’t have any complications. We are really proud of what medical technology can achieve presently,” he added.

The baby boy, who has already undergone two surgeries, now weighs 1.625 kg. “Whenever a kid has NEC, there is a severe feeding issue, amongst others.  Such complications could mean very bleak chances of the kid’s survival,” said Dr Jayshree Mondkar, acting Dean Neonatologist at Sion Hospital.

“The baby was severely underweight and also had NEC (Necrotizing enterocolitis), a condition in which there is a rupture of small intestine. Also known as perforation of small intestine, babies with such extreme health condition have very little chances of survival. But this baby is very strong,” said Dr Suresh Birajdar, Joint Director of Neonatal ICU, Nanavati Hospital.

With the little boy’s health improving by the day, the Rathods will soon be able to able to take their three-month old home.