Ministry of Health implements HIV-AIDS Act 2017

Implementation of the HIV-AIDS act is a milestone because the act will give a person who is suffering from HIV-AIDS equal opportunity to stand in the society

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Highlights of the HIV-AIDS act

  • HIV-AIDS affected person can report about discrimination meted out against him at the workplace, office, education, property rights etc.
  • Antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment is the right of the HIV-AIDS patient
  • No doctor or a medical practitioner can deny treatment to the person suffering from HIV-AIDS.
  • Spreading hatred against the person suffering from HIV-AIDS will be penalised. Minimum of three months and maximum two years jail with fine of Rs 1 lakh.
  • The identity of the HIV-AIDS affected person should be protected. Informed consent should be taken for the necessary tests.
  • The act safeguards the property rights of the HIV affected person.
  • The act was passed in Rajya Sabha in March. The union health ministry has issued a notification of implementation of the act.

Dr Ishwari Gilada, President of the AIDS Society of India, said, “A number of times, it is brought to the notice that a person affected with HIV-AIDS doesn’t get proper treatment. With the act in place, if a doctor fails to give treatment he will face two years jail punishment. HIV-AIDS affected person has a right for insurance. He has a right to education and equal job opportunity. The act is a milestone for the HIV-AIDS affected people.”

Since the past number of year, doctors and the NGO’s were fighting for the rights of the HIV-AIDS affected people.

Dr Shrikala Aacharya, Additional Project Director, MADAC, Mumbai, said, “This act will surely prove to be beneficial for the HIV-AIDS affected people. From now onwards, HIV-AIDS affected people will not face discrimination in education and service.  Soon the state government will hold a meeting to discuss the about the implementation of the act. And then the act will be implemented in the state.”