Midnight saviour: IPS officer donates blood, saves pregnant mother

An IPS officer from Chandrapur helped save the life of an expectant mother who urgently required ‘A’ negative blood. He rushed to the hospital as soon as he could. His heroic deed helped save the lives of the woman and her precious baby


It was around 11 p.m. on Saturday, September 15, Shabana Sayeed, an expectant mother, who was in the thirties, was rushed to the civil hospital in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Shabana was experiencing labour pains, and her condition was worsening with each passing minute.

Shabana was admitted to the hospital, but, the doctors said they need ‘A’ negative blood in an emergency to operate upon her. The situation was critical and could have gone out of control at any point in time.

The desperate family used the social media and broadcasted the message, around midnight for ‘A’ negative blood.

Superintendent of Police, Chandrapur, Dr Maheshwar Reddy an IPS officer, whose blood group is ‘A’ negative, read the SOS sent by the family and immediately rushed to the civil hospital. Dr Reddy donated one unit of the blood which saved the expectant mother and her baby.

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SP Chandrapur, Dr Maheshwar Reddy

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, SP Dr Maheshwar Reddy said, “I read the message on Facebook, and immediately contacted the family. The pregnant women needed ‘A’ negative blood. ‘A’ negative is a rare blood group. So, I donated one unit of the blood. As a police officer, it’s our duty to save and help the citizens. And being a doctor myself, I know an emergency could arise at any time.”

Dr Reddy came in nick of a time and his selfless service saved a mother from what could have been a serious condition.