Mental health: People in cities getting more open to the idea of counselling

Nowadays people have become more open to the idea of visiting a counsellor to solve their problems. As mental health is as important as our physical health, it is heartening to see that the trend in cities is changing for the better. This is slowly but steadily helping in breaking barriers and aiding in reducing the social stigma on mental health problems. This is also helping people in an effective manner by giving them a vital way to discuss their problems without fear


“One of my classmates was suffering from study-related stress. When we discussed the issue with our teacher, she referred her to a psychiatrist. After undergoing a few counselling sessions and some other treatment she recovered and is studying without any stress now,” said Meena Patil, a student from the 9th standard in Pune.

The culture of undergoing a counselling session has started to become more usual in cities. The concept that your mental agonies can be solved in a systematic manner – is becoming an accepted norm and is becoming less stigmatised these days.

From school to colleges and from workplace to family; people are now becoming comfortable with the idea of speaking with experts who will help you feel better through a constructive approach of dealing with mental health problems.

Several schools and colleges are appointing a trained counsellor. In major corporate companies, even before laying off an employee, they will fix a talk with a counsellor.

Whether it be relationship issues or depression, people are taking the

help of psychologist and psychiatrist; more often these days.

Dr Kapil Kadam, a psychiatrist from Pune, said, “These days, people are coming to us and making it known in their inner circle that they are taking our help. More people are giving advice to others to seek help of experts like us. People are now aware that with proper therapy, medication, and counselling; mental health issues can be dealt with.”

Dr Shrikant Pawar, another psychiatrist from Pune, said, “These days people have started to think about their mental health. Also, people are talking about their mental health issues. People now understand, consulting a counsellor helps to solve problems. Many people are taking an option of counsellor and the stigma associated with it is reducing.”