Mental health: Mumbai docs treat the boy with a rare mental condition

Ritesh suffered from a mental disorder called Early Psychosis, where a patient thinks that someone is there beside him all the time. He used to slouch while walking. The family, at first, thought that he was suffering from back pain, but, when this continued, the family got terrified and sought for medical help

Mental health: Mumbai docs treat the boy with a rare mental condition

Many times, as a kid, one must have been carried by the relatives on their back, but, a 23-year-old Mumbai man carried someone all the time on his back. He talks to him, plays with him, and take him along while going anywhere. For a second, you will feel that we are telling you the script of a horror movie or is this real?

Since the past one year, day-in, day-out, Ritesh Shinde (name changed) is carrying someone on his back all the times. He felt it was real, but, it was his hallucination or belief. Ritesh was suffering from a mental disorder, early psychosis. He was undergoing treatment in Mumba’s civic-run KEM Hospital for a month, and now he has been discharged.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shubhangi Parkar, Head of the Psychiatrist Department, said, “The man comes from an educated family. However, suddenly the family noticed a drastic change in his behavior. He used to bend while walking all the times. One fine day, he told his mother that someone is sitting on his back. While examining, we diagnosed him suffering from Early Psychosis. In this mental disorder, the patient feels that someone is there beside them all the times.”

According to the doctors, the family noticed a sudden change in Ritesh’s walking pattern. The family first thought that he was suffering from a back pain issue, but, when this contributed the family got terrified and sought medical help.

Dr Parkar further added, “In his case, no one was sitting on his back. It was his hallucination. Over the period, with treatment, his condition improved, and we discharged him.”

Over the past few months, his condition deteriorated further. He used to talk to an imaginary person and started staying alone as well.

Dr Parkar further said, “Over time, the cases of early psychosis are on the rise. Still, however, people are not aware of mental health issues. Diagnosis and proper treatment play a very vital role in the management of the disorder.”

Dr Rahul Bhatambre, a Mumbai-based physiatrist, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “Early psychosis, a mental disorder is largely seen around the age of 10. It can be a genetic as well. This condition is developed due to the changes in the hormones, and it is linked to the brain as well. The disease is curable, but the proper and timely diagnosis is important in the rehabilitation.”