Menstrual hygiene: Tee Foundation adopts 52 BMC schools

At an event organised in Mumbai today, BJP MLA Bharti Lavekar's 'Tee Foundation' foundation has adopted 52 BMC schools in Mumbai with an aim to promote menstrual hygiene and sanitation. Girls from these schools generally come from a poor background and have difficulty in accessing sanitary napkins

Menstrual hygiene: Tee Foundation adopts 52 BMC schools

As part of the initiative 10 sanitary napkins to each school girl per month 3,000 girls will be benefit from these free sanitary napkins each month

Also, as disposal is a major issue and a disposable pouch will also be given to the girls.

MLA Bharti Lavekar had started a first sanitary napkin bank in Mumbai last year on May 28, 2017

Actor Shreyas Talpade, who was present as the chief guest of the function said, “This is a very good and welcomed initiative. 3,000 BMC school girls will get the sanitary napkins for free.”

He tweeted saying:

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, BJP MLA Bharti Lavekar said, “85 per cent of women in the country are still not using sanitary napkins. Women should get access to sanitary napkins in India. But, with the sanitary napkins disposal remains a major issue. That’s why we have distributed a sanitary pouch so that they can dispose it as well.”

At the event, Dr Rajashri Katke, medical superintendent of Cama Hospital spoke about the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene. Speaking to My Medical Mantra she said, “This is a great initiative taken up by the ‘Tee Foundation.’ In our society, there is still a taboo regarding menstruation. Family members should have an awareness about this issue. And school teachers must also inform students about the scientific reason behind menstruation.”