Meet Urmila Mahajan, who ensures timely organ donations in the city

The last few years has seen the awareness about organ donation rising. There are a lot of hands that help in organ donation, and that is precisely why the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) plays a crucial role in making organs available to the patients. The current coordinator of ZTCC is Urmila Mahajan, who makes sure that organs reach the right place at the right time

Meet Urmila Mahajan, who sees that organs reach on time

A lot is being done in the country to create awareness about organ donation. However, a lot more needs to be done on the front, even in the medical fraternity. “When people ask about organ donation to doctors, many a times doctors themselves do not know about it,” she said.
She is working in the field of organ donation since 2009. “I entered in this field because of the then transplant coordinator, Sujata Ashtekar. In the beginning everything was new to me. But I slowly learnt under Dr Gustad Dawar, Dr Sujata Patwardhan, Dr S K Mathur and all other ZTCC members,” she said.

The waiting list of all the patients who need organs is maintained by ZTCC. They need to update the list and once some person is declared brain dead, the first call is dialed to ZTCC. After the cross matching, blood group matching is done; the organ is then allotted to a person according to waiting list.

The entire process takes one to two days. Such is the nature of the job that everything needs to be done at the right time without any delay or tiredness. And that is why team work comes into the play. It is not a work of one person but the entire team of ZTCC works for this.

Meet Urmila Mahajan, who sees that organs reach on time

“In the last month there were total 10 cadaver donations and we needed to work with peace of mind. Even when we are on holiday, we need to keep the waiting list along with us,” she said.

She also underlined how crucial is the support of family in this case as the nature of job requires one to be alert for 24 hours. “I have got support of my family and my husband while working for this cause. Not just that, but all the members of ZTCC and their coordination made the work easy,” expressed Mahajan.