Meet two sisters from Kolhapur who have made animal welfare their mission

Dakshayani Jadhav (37) and Sharwani Jadhav (35), residents of have been animal lovers since childhood, but they had no idea that this love for animals would stay with them their entire lives


The residents of Salokhe Nagar in Kolhapur have treated more than 200 injured animals, so far.

Sharing an incident from her school days, that inspired them to dedicate their lives in the service of animals, Dakshayani Jadhav, said, “When we were young, there were two female dogs that lay dead and bleeding outside our house. They had recently given birth and the puppies tried to drink their mother’s milk but their mothers were dead. We then brought these puppies inside our house and took care of them.”

They raised these puppies as their own. After this incident, they began to bring home any injured animals which either of them saw lying in the street.

Dakshayani Jadhav,
Dakshayani Jadhav,

There was another dog in the area, which was someone else’s pet who used to visit their house to eat food. One day, a car ran over its hind legs and the dog was unable to walk properly due to the injuries it had sustained. The sister saw the dog inside a ditch and brought him home and gave it medical care. And then adopted him.

Dakshayani added, “We never planned to do this, it just happened. We kept taking care of animals one-by-one.”

The sisters know the permission of our parents and familial support is matters as both humans and animals share this home.

Sharvani Jadhav
Sharvani Jadhav

Dakshayani further said, “Since childhood we were taught that if someone comes to our door, that person should not go back hungry. We may have inculcated this philosophy while tending to these animals. Our parents did not like that we spent all our time with animals, but they knew that we were doing something good. That is why they never opposed us. But when my sister weren’t around our parents took care of the animals.”

The sisters stated that their neighbours complain about the animals at our home. We cannot change people mind-set but we ensure that our animals do not cause any disturbances to them.

Dakshayani and Sharwani take the injured animals to a retired veterinary physician in our area and if he isn’t available, they then take them to an animal clinic.

While the sisters tend to small animals like cats and dogs they wish to help bigger animals like horses. Dakshayani said, “For the time being, we just treat small animals, but there are many big animals like horses which we have seen injured and abandoned on the street. I wish to open a shelter for them.”


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