Meet Dr Pallavi Darade who ensures your food’s safety

Food and Drug Administration Maharashtra State is the State’s prime organisation of consumer protection. It is a trusted agency to ensure that the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act fairly upholds safety standards and protects consumers. Commissioner is the head of the Administration and Drug Control Laboratory. Currently, Dr Pallavi Darade is the commissioner of FDA Maharashtra

Meet Dr Pallavi Darade who ensures your food's safety

It has been few months since Dr Pallavi Darade has taken the charge of FDA commissioner. She has already taken important decisions in terms of food safety. The most important decision is to train personnel at temples and the staff at restaurants across the state in terms of food safety.

“I have very limited human resource. So there is a problem in monitoring each place that produces food. So, I thought that why not invite them to inform and educate. We have got a fantastic response from the temple administration. They were willing to learn the methods of preparing safe food. We had begun from the Siddhi Vinayak temple in Mumbai.”

Before joining the civil services Dr Darade completed medical education (MBBS) from Government Medical College, Nagpur. According to her this education has played a crucial role in increasing her ability to understand an issue. It has also boosted her analytical skills and ability to work hard. While being in charge of the Maharashtra FDA these qualities surely help her.

“When I completed MBBS there were crisp books were not available. I studied by reading the bulky books. So the syllabus of for Civil Services examination couldn’t scare me. I always try to go to the root of a problem in order to solve it. Also, from all the information put before me, I can instantly take out the most relevant part,” Dr Darade said.

Meet Dr Pallavi Darade who ensures your food's safety
Dr Pallavi Darade

After completing the MBBS course, Dr Darade didn’t continue practicing in the medical profession. On being asked what prompted her to enter into the civil services, she said “While working as a doctor I saw a gloomy side. There were many infants brought to the government hospital at the last stage. There was nothing I could do to help them and it used to make me feel depressed. So, I decided to join Civil services through which I would be able to make difference in the system.”

She also feels that the key to improving the healthcare system is to do the assigned job honestly. “If everyone does their job perfectly then the system will automatically improve.”

It is generally believed that it is always difficult for a woman to strike the perfect balance of personal and professional life. The FDA commissioner was no exception. After years of working experience, she learned to establish this equilibrium. She has some tips to offer for working women.

“You should develop a support system at home. Always find a person you can rely on. The worries of the home shouldn’t bother you while you are at work. Then only you will be able to perform at your best.”

In every field, women are making their presence felt through their exceptional achievements. But still, a large section of women are still not economically independent. They have to depend on a male member of the family for money.

According to Dr Darade, this situation has to change. “Every woman has to be economically independent,” she said assertively. “Women need to develop their personality and should pursue their dreams. If you are not economically independent, your opinion won’t matter. So every girl should be ambitious and should focus on her goals in life.”

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