Meet Diana, a dog who has bravely fought off cancer 3 times in 10 years

After cancer relapsed for the third time, doctors advised that Diana should be put to sleep. But, Diana, not only survived the critical surgery but has been completely cured and leads a normal life

Dog cancer 4
Diana is a mixed breed of Labrador and a street dog

Vasudevan Sridharan, a Chembur resident, jumped in happiness when he saw his dog Diana, recovering from her oral cancer. Yes, you heard it right, dogs too suffer from cancer and very less is known about it.

Vasudevan (42), employed with a multinational company, had found Diana 10 years ago on the street. Diana is mixed breed of Labrador and a street dog. In 2013, Vasudevan noticed a small growth near Diana’s jaw. He took her to a local veterinary doctor.

The doctor gave her few antibiotics, but nothing worked. Gradually, Diana started experiencing pain in the same part of her jaw. Vasudevan then took her to another doctor. He was devastated when tests revealed that Diana’s small growth is locally aggressive cancer and she is suffering from oral cancer.

Cancer logo (1)The doctor removed the small growth surgically. Everything was normal for a year, when the tumour came back and this time it was double the size as compared to the earlier one.

Vasudevan and his family suffered sleepless nights, till the time his wife Sugandhi came to know about Dr Pradip Chaudhari, a Veterinary Oncologist at Advance Centre for Treatment, Research and Education (ACTREC) at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. The centre is a part of TATA Memorial Hospital and is a dedicated animal care centre, the only one-of-its-kind in the country.

After meeting Dr Chaudhari, Vasudevan and his family were relaxed, as they got a ray of hope.

“Every week, we would take Diana for radiation. Around 8 to 10 sitting of radiation were given to her for around two-a-and-half months,” said Vasudevan. Through these radiations, Diana’s tumour growth had stopped.

Dog cancer 2
After the surgery and after going through the cancer pain for three times, Diana also had to be put on saline every day for a month

“Initially, when we took her for radiations, she was fine. Later, whenever we took her, she would realise that we are taking her to the hospital. She used to get very anxious and furious during the journey, but at the same time she was very cooperative during the radiation sessions,” Vasudevan recalled.

In 2015, Vasudevan got another shock when the cancer relapsed.

This time again, they consulted Dr Chaudhari. Diana’s cancer was again cured within 4 weeks with radiations.

“We were told by doctors at the hospital that we are lucky that Diana is responding faster to radiations and also recovering faster,” said Vasudevan.

After undergoing radiations for second time, Diana’s immune system had become low and she was less playful and active.

“Diana was cured when cancer was detected for the first and second time. She underwent lot of pain, but luckily she survived it. However, it shocked us when we got to know that cancer had relapsed again for the third time in 2016. This time the cancer had hit her hard, damaging her teeth in the lower jaw. All the teeth of her lower jaw fell. She also used to bleed a lot. We were told by doctors that this time is the last time and it could also be fatal for Diana. My 11-year-old daughter Pavithra and another dog are very close to Daina. It was an emotional moment for our family,” said Vasudevan.

This time relatives and other vet doctors advised them to put Diana on sleep.

Dog cancer 3
When cancer had relapsed again for the third time, it damaged Diana’s teeth in lower jaw. All teeth of her lower jaw fell. In a four-hour-long operation, her lower jaw was removed, along with the tumour

“We believed Diana is a fighter and will fight the cancer again and more than that, she was more like a daughter to me and my wife. Diana has been with us for over a decade, we couldn’t let her go,” said Vasudevan.

Third time, doctors suggested that Diana cannot be put on radiation; the only option was a surgery. So, in four hours long operation, the tumour was cut and removed, along with her lower jaw.

Fighter Diana not only responded well to the surgery, but also she is playful and active now like earlier.

Chaudhari confirmed that Diana is a fighter.

“Despite going through cancer for three times, Diana is one dog I have seen who responded very well to our radiations and treatments. When Diana visited us she was very weak and had lost lot of weight, but now she is fit and fine,” Dr Chaudhari said.

He further explained that most people are not aware of the fact that cancers or tumours are very common in dogs.

“We treat around 100 dogs annually who are suffering from cancer and there is not much awareness about it,” said Chaudhari.

After the surgery and after going through the cancer pain for three times, Diana also had to be put on saline every day for a month. Fighter Diana did not give up even once and kept fighting each time whenever the dreaded disease attacked her.

Now, she is back to normal. She can do all things like any other dogs; fetch a ball, eat food and run around.

Vasudevan and Sugandhi have two dogs, one of them is Diana and other is Daisy, who is 11 years old and a year older than Diana.

Dog cancer 1
Vasudevan Sridharan with his wife Sugandhi, daughter Pavithra and two pets – Diana (in Pavithra’s lap) and Daisy

“Diana and Daisy are like my daughters. They are of same age as my daughter, Pavithra. For over a decade, they have been with us. We consider them as family member and not pets,” Vasudevan said.

After Diana’s illness, Daisy took care of her like her elder sister.

“Both dogs are my Pavithra’s best friend and she also takes immense care of them,” said Vasudevan.

  • Pramod Pawar

    Vasu , Sugandha,Pavitra you r simply great, Love U all- PP

  • Jimmy John

    It is truly a very touching experience you and your entire family went through.
    Hats off to you Vasu ,Sugandhi and Pavithra.
    God bless you guys.
    Please also let me know if I could be of any kind of help.

  • sugandhi

    thank u so much pramod sir….gods grace made it happen

  • Prineet

    In today’s world where one even forgets blood relations, this is truly an act of humanity.

  • Pushpa Sonawane

    That’s good news Sugandhi
    I am sure with love and good care all the battles can be won.
    Great dear…..Hats off to you.

  • Dr.Rakshit Agnihotri

    … Inspirational & informative too. My 10½ yr Dechshund – Rio too is going through very similar challenge..He has Sublingual growth & has just started receiving Radiotherapy on guidelines given by Dr.Pradeep Chaudhary…We know that Rio is a brave heart too & would certainly win over the challenge..Thanks for putting up the article over here & wishing you too the very best…

  • Meher Turner

    Dr P Chaudhary helped my Whitie too. If the radiation machine was not out of service for sooooo long i guess my Whitie too would be with me now. My baby was a fighter too. He was a streetie for whom I left no stone unturned. Miss my baby everyday.

  • Priyamvada siras

    Hats off to Diana n her loving family.

  • Priyamvada siras

    Loads of love to Diana n the loving family.Pradeep made me proud as his very friend.