Meet Delhi’s ‘Medicine Baba,’ who begs for medicines to save poor and needy

What do you do with the medicines which are left over? Simply dump it somewhere and forget it right? But, these medicines can save someone’s life that is in dire need and does not have money to buy it. Meet Delhi's octogenarian who begs for medicines which he distributes among the poor and needy

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If a beggar approaches you for food or money what would you do? Our general reaction is we turn a blind eye towards him/her or sometimes out of compassion offers to help them. But, have you ever heard about a beggar who begs for medicines? NO?!

Then you must meet an 82-year-old octogenarian from Delhi Omkar Nath. Omkar Nath lives in Uttam Vihar colony, and is known by a nickname ‘Medicine Baba.’ Omkar Nath has earned this name as he goes door to door and begs for medicines. Not that he is suffering from any disease, but, he is begging for medicines to distribute among those who are deprived off.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra Omkar Nath said, “In 2008, a bridge near Delhi Metro collapsed. Several people were injured in the incident. But, poor people have no money to buy expensive medicines. I could not see their plight, and began begging for medicines in the nearby localities. I visit each and every household and demand for extra and leftover medicines. I am very happy that by begging I am saving someone’s life.”


Omkar Nath alias ‘Medicine Baba’ is quite famous in the locality. People come forward and donate excess medicines to him. In turn, he distributes the medicines to the poor and needy people who are staying on the footpath.

“Not only from Delhi, but I have also received calls for medicine from outside the state as well. If someone wants medicines from me, then he needs to show a doctor’s prescription to me. I have appointed three pharmacists to assist me,” added Omkar Nath.


Omkar says, many times it happens that one’s our disease is cured, we tend to forget about the medicines or throw in it the dustbin. Rather than doing this, my appeal is give the extra medicine to me; it can help save someone’s life.

After his invaluable contribution to society, everyone in Delhi knows ‘Medicine Baba.’ He says, gradually people are responding and coming forward to donate medicines which are of no use to them.