Meet crusader Mumtaz Shaikh who initiated ‘Right to Pee’ campaign for women

Women are at par with men in many fields. But there is one thing of which, they have been excessively shy about. Yes! That is urinating at public places. Often, women hesitate to discuss this neglected issue. Mumtaz Shaikh, a Mumbaikar, started the campaign 'Right to Pee' with  a simple mantra to fight to provide a basic sanitation facility for women


Even after modernisation, women lack those essential sanitation facilities. While the torch bearer Mumtaz Shaikh, has fought a long battle to get toilets for women through her ‘Right to Pee’ movement.

Mumtaz Shaikh who works with Committee of Resource Organisation (CORO) since 17 years informed, “The Grass root Fellowship Program is being implemented by this organisation. Through this program, work on issues which arise in Mumbai. Due to which, in the year 2011, the issue of building toilets for women was put forth in Mumbai, after which the campaign came was implemented.”

Mumtaz Shaikh
Mumtaz Shaikh

According to Shaikh, it is essential to build toilets at public places, in order to raise awareness. The last phase of the awareness campaign is under implementation and is very much important to work on this. “I want the basic dignity for all my sisters in the city, who go out in fear every day, wondering how they will relieve themselves if the need arises.”

Shaikh said that initially people laughed at us, but now media is with her and is helping her to create awareness regarding this issue. And many NGO’s have also come forward to help her.

Talking about the challenges she faced while getting toilets for women, Shaikh said, “No one believed in the concept of building toilets for women. There was no place and budget to build toilets. In few places, there was no urban planning as well. But we made our mind to beat all the odds.”

Sheikh signed off by saying, “Women should be vocal about their problems and they should live a dignified life.”