Meet an entrepreneur with Down’s syndrome overcame disability to start her own cafe

At first glance, ‘Aditi’s Corner’ in Bhoomi Mall, CBD Belapur, looks like any other eatery: a couple of chairs and tables neatly laid out; packets of chips hanging on one side; microwave atop a clean marble platform and a glass shelf displaying pastries and cupcakes. However, there is something unique about this stall


Have you been visited Belapur in Navi Mumbai? Have you heard about Aditi’s Cafe? No? Then if you happen to be in Belapur, you must visit this place.

Aditi Verma, 24, who runs the eatery, has Down syndrome, but it is barely evident, as she meticulously takes down lunch orders, greeting every customer with an endearing smile


Aditi is a phenomenal person. She is a girl with extraordinary talent. A 24-year-old, who has never let her problems or shortcoming affect her life. Although, her life was not easy Aditi has never given up on it any point in time.

Though she has Down’s syndrome. She has never bowed down in front of any challenging situation. With an aim to stand on her feet one day, she has started her journey. And today, she is proudly running her own ‘Aditi’s Café’ in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Aditi’s corner was started on 1 January 2016 and it serves all kinds of snacks – Maggi, eggs, sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc. The cafe also serves lunch which is prepared by Aditi and her mother Reena Verma

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From preparing orders, taking client calls to managing accounts, the 24-year-old runs the show at Aditi’s Corner. Despite working for eight hours every day, she never misses a chance to greet her customers.

In the corner of her café located in CBD Belapur, there’s a little black board with some words scribbled on them. It reads, “Working hard is the key for good life, but no one can work empty stomach.” Aditi believes in these words very strongly.

She started cooking when she was barely in her teens.

She is created her own world, her own identity, which no one can snatch it from her. That is why My Medical Mantra is bringing you her story.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Aditi Varma says, “When I was a child, my parents came to know that i am suffering from Down syndrome. Then, I had to undergo a heart surgery as well. Right from the beginning, I knew I wasn’t a normal child. My friends in school used to tease me as well. So, finally, we decided to move to Navi Mumbai.”

Aditi further said, “I completed my studies. But, my parents always used to think about me. As I grew up, I sensed what my parents are feeling. My father decided to start a Cafe, and I immediately jumped up and said. I will prepare tea and Maggie. And my journey towards independence began. I opened the Cafe in 2016, and it wouldn’t have been possible without parents backing.”

Now, Aditi does most of the work by herself. She prepares Maggi; she serves lunch, and even takes orders from the customers.

Aditi explained, “Down Syndrome means not a full stop to your life. It’s not an end. Rather it’s an opportunity for the new beginning. But, this all depends on how you take the situation. I knew that I am different from the other children. I was firm on one thing ‘Never say that I have lost.’”

Aditi quips, “I know there are thousands of children like me. So, my dream is to open a hotel where all those who are like me can work.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Aditi’s mother Reena says, “Initially we used to think what will happen to her. But, if we would have given up, then who would have looked after her. But, she decided to be independent. Initially, she had faced a few issues while running the Cafe. But, now she manages just fine on her own.”