Meet a woman who wants to start an old-age home for animals

Meet Ankita Pathak, an animal lover turned veterinarian, the 27-year-old Mumbai resident was always affectionate towards animals, it had been evident since her childhood

Ankita pathak-eng

She was brought up in a household surrounded by pets and she was fond of animals since her childhood. Little did she know that this fondness for animals would transform into a lifelong passion of protecting and nurturing animals.

An incident which triggered this, in particular, happened to her during her college days, she was walking along the road, when she happened to see a wounded puppy. She wanted to help it but didn’t know how to. As she did not know how it could be treated. She felt helpless as she could do anything to help this puppy.

This incident triggered a response from within her and she decided to become a vet. She completed her veterinary studies from a college in Mumbai. After gaining her degree she began to work as a vet. She would treat animals with the aid of the advice received from senior doctors and was steadily improving as a vet.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ankita said, “I began to treat stray dogs and cats that were injured. When I faced difficulties, I asked my seniors what they would do in such a situation.”

She found out about a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called Animals Matter to Me (AMTM), the organisation helps in providing medical care to animals and also provides food and water to strays. She liked the work that they were doing and decided to join them.

Pathak said, “Apart from stray animals, the NGO also treats pets which are sick and aged. When people buy pets they take care of them until they are fit and fine, but, at times pet owners abandon their pets once they are old and are affected with ailments. The animals mentally breakdown when this happens and it is very difficult to try and get them back into a better mood, as they are depressed. It reflects in the way they behave, it is challenging to get them out of that state of mind. I have witnessed many such cases, and it is not the right thing to do to your pets who have loved you unconditionally.  At times, they even abandon their animals on the streets. It is a disgrace.”

She added, “After treating these animals if they get better, we put them up for adoption. As they require someone who can love and take care of them, that is why the NGO has started this adopting programme. Many animals find a new loving home through this programme.”

At present, she works at Malad with the Animal Matters to Me NGO, Pathak stated, “Over here, there are many kinds of facilities for animals, such as an operation department, an animal ambulance, and an ICU. All the people that work here are avid animal lovers and are dedicated to nursing the animals back to good health. There is a space for animals to play around and walk in the facility.”

Ankita does all that she can to ensure the animals that she treats or interacts with stay happy. She goes above the call of duty to take care of animals. She treats them like she would treat a family member.

Ankita has a dream that she wants to achieve. Speaking about her aim in life, she said, “There are many sick and old animals that are neglected.  I want to build an old-age home for them, this is my aspiration.”