Meet a doctor who ‘acts’ to highlight a social cause

Dr Anant Kadethankar is renowned in Aurangabad as well as in the army hospital. Since the year 1995, Dr Kadethankar is serving the patients for free, in the Aurangabad’s army hospital from past 22 years


Dr Kadethankar served the country for five years. After that, he started giving free treatment to the patient’s in the army hospital. In the year 2014, the Army honoured him with certificate for treating the patients. He served in Indian Army’s medical core regiment.


Dr Kadethankar is multi-talented. He is a cardiologist, an actor, director, music composer, guitarist, painter and a writer. He has directed and acted in plays on topics like doctors’ security and infertility. For which, he received help from the Indian Medical Association (IMA). For the first time in Aurangabad and Marathawada he started Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) treatment for heart patients.


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Anant Kadethankar said, “If you give time to yourself then only you can give time to others. Everyone should contribute towards society. Still, there are many subjects regarding which there is no awareness. So, there is a necessity to spread awareness on it.”

Dr Ramesh Rohiwal, President IMA, Aurangabad said, “Aurangabad IMA is ready to travel across the state for  Dr Anant Kadethankar’s play.”