Meet a chess player who is unstoppable despite illness

‘Faith can move mountains’, perfectly describes Shailesh Nerlikar’s inspiring saga of a talented chess player who has won many awards and accolades by making India proud at both national and international level . Since childhood, Shailesh is suffering from a serious illness the cause of which is unknown and he cannot do his daily chores. But Shailesh’s grit and gumption has inspired many

Meet a chess player who is unstoppable despite of illness

Since childhood, Shailesh was interested in playing chess. He won a bronze medal in Tamil Nadu National Chess Championship. Besides that, he is well known  in Malaysia and  Germany for his impeccable talent.

Shailesh used to frequently fall ill during childhood, which lowered his immunity and he started taking treatment from a local doctor. Doctor informed that he suffered from calcium deficiency and treated him for the same.

Due to overdose of calcium, Shailesh couldn’t sit down and also led to clots all over the body. Considering Shailesh’s condition, he was taken for treatment to the doctors from Miraj and Mumbai. However, the cause still remained unknown.

Shailesh Nerlikar
Shailesh Nerlikar

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shailesh’s mother Kamla Nerlikar said, “Shaileh was 8-year-old, when his health deteriorated. We took him to the doctors, but the situation n didn’t seem to improve. After ayurvedic treatment, the clots started dissolving. Till now, we have spent eight lakhs to nine lakhs for his treatment and we spend Rupees 2,500 daily.”

Ayurvedic doctor Vivek Haldavanekar said, “His disease will never get cured but he is fine now. He cannot stand for more than 10 to 15 minutes. He cannot sit on the wheelchair and plays chess by lying down itself. He also participates in open category and is dedicated.”

Shailesh’s mother said, “Dr Vivek gave inspired my son to play chess, along with giving him hopes. Since childhood, Shailesh was interested in chess and demonstrated his skill in Malaysia and Germany.”

Shailesh who is unstoppable and has many awards under his belt said, “Since childhood, I liked playing chess. For which, I have undergone training. Everyday, I practice for about two to three hours. I bagged a bronze medal in Tamil Nadu National Chess Championship and in future, I want to become a grand master and train the budding players.”