MedTech: Researchers develop smart stethoscope for better, early diagnosis of heart disease

Our heartbeat determines our health. Isn’t it? The doctor listens to our heartbeats with a stethoscope and then identifies the ailment. Researchers from IIT-Bombay have developed a device which will help the doctors to hear heartbeats more clearly

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Listening to an infant’s heartbeat plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of a disease. If a doctor can hear the heartbeats clearly, it would enable him to diagnose the disease more accurately.

Researchers from IIT-Bombay (IIT-B) have developed a small modular device which can be attached to a stethoscope and it will enable the doctor to hear a crystal clear sound from the patient’s heart. The device — AyuSynk, was displayed during Medical Device Expo 2019, organised by BETIC, IIT-Bombay.

Researchers state that after attaching the device with the stethoscope, the doctor could hear the heartbeat more clearly. The recorded heart sounds can be stored on a computer or mobile for further analysis.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Om Patel, a team member of Ayu Devices, a healthcare startup incubated in SINE, IIT-B, said, “Noisy environment hampers listening to the faint murmurs, which increases the possibility of misdiagnosis. If the diagnosis is not proper, then the disease management is at stake. Misdiagnosis in a child may cause serious issues at a later stage in life, and in extreme case, the condition may become inoperable. Keeping this in mind, we developed this device.”

“The device can be connected with the computer or mobile phone. The doctor can hear the sound of the heartbeat and can go through the graph of the heartbeat on their PC, or mobile. The recorded sound can be sent to the expert doctor for analysis. This device will help the telemedicine sector as well by transferring heart recording from one place to another wirelessly,” added Patel.
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Om added, “In the rural areas, healthcare facilities are limited. So, our team has developed this device which will be helpful in better diagnosis and early screening.”

Abhishekh Koshta, an engineer by profession and a team member, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “People, who live in interior and tribal areas of Maharashtra, find it difficult to travel far distances from their villages to seek medical treatment. They will get benefited from this. The important thing is, the device is affordable.”

With continuous feedbacks from Dr Lancelot Pinto from Hinduja Hospital and Dr Nambiraj, researchers at BETiC, IIT-B, the Smart stethoscope can be developed.

Dr Nagesh Waghmare, an Associate Professor of Cardiology, from Mumbai’s state-run JJ Group of Hospital, is also positive on the usefulness and utility of the device.