Medical students bust myths related to menstrual hygiene

Medical students from KJ Somaiya Hospital, KEM hospital as well as LTMG Medical College in Sion conducted an event named ‘Periodoubt’ on November 20 to teach students from a local municipal school about menstrual hygiene

Medical students bust myths related to menstrual hygiene

“I was astonished at the sheer ignorance among girls regarding menstrual hygiene. Most of them had not even spoken to their mothers about their periods. It is very important to solve any queries related to menstrual hygiene as it is very imperative in a woman’s life,” said Sejal Grover, a second-year MBBS student from Sion Hospital and LTMG Medical College who was the organiser of this event.

Menstruation is a very tricky subject to understand and explain. Even today, speaking about sanitary napkins or periods is very shameful to a lot of girls. In fact, a large section of the society doesn’t generally know about it either. This is due to the stigma attached with it. Owing to this, MBBS students in Mumbai conducted an event on menstrual hygiene for students of a municipal school in Sion.

“Initially, they were shy about the issue. But, when we discussed it in small groups, they opened up about it. They had many doubts and queries that were left unanswered until now. It was a really gratifying experience, and it made us aware about the pressing problems in our society,” said Grover.

Medical students bust myths related to menstrual hygiene

The idea behind ‘Periodoubt’ was to highlight the importance of menstrual hygiene.

Seventeen volunteers for ‘periodoubt’ covered the basic anatomy and physiology of menstruation briefly, emphasising on menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary pads. The boys were briefly sensitised about this aspect of women’s health such that it does not remain a laughing matter anymore

“A total of 180 girls and 100 boys of Sion Koliwada Municipal School were part of the same. The volunteers interacted with the girls of Std. VII, VIII, IX, X and with the boys of Std. IX and X of Marathi and Hindi Medium,” she added.

Shriya Ravichandran, a second-year MBBS student from KJ Somaiya Hospital who was a volunteer for the event, said, “We tried to bust myths about periods by giving logical and scientific evidence complementary to the same. We divided the students in groups of ten. We tried to clear their queries. It gave us immense satisfaction.”