Medical Representatives to protest against GST on medicines

FMRAI (Federation of Medical Representatives Association of India) to protest in order to draw the attention of state government against GST on medicines, illegal sale of medicines online and so on


The rising prices of medicines and medical devices have become a major issue for the needy. Owing to which, FMRAI stated, there should be no Goods and Services Tax (GST) on medicines and the cost of the medicines should be reduced.

Owing to which, a rally has been organised on November 13 to draw the attention of government on various demands. Over 10 thousand sales and medical representatives from across the country will be coming to Mumbai for the rally.

Santanu Chatterje, General Secretary, Federation of Medical and Sales Representatives’ Associations of India said, “The state government said that medicines will be made available at affordable prices for common man. But in reality, generic medicines are not affordable. Branded generic medicines are unaffordable.  And due to GST, the prices of medicines have gone up. Not only this, even though there is ban on the online sale of medicine. Still, the medicines are being sold. There is no restriction by government on this. So, state government should come forward and resolve the issues.”

Dr Jayesh Lele, general physician said, “The cost has come up due to GST, so there should be no GST.  Federation of Medical Representatives Association of India has taken a good step. There should be no GST charged by the government so that a patient can get treatment at affordable cost.”