MEDHA 2019: Engineers and doctors team up to create devices for solving healthcare issues

The College of Engineering Pune (COEP) has arranged a Medical Device Hackathon (MEDHA). The doctors will be given problem statements and the engineers will be designing indigenous devices for them


Medical devices are routinely imported in India. Majority of the medical devices are costly which then leads to an increase in the cost of healthcare services. Also, there are India-specific problems that doctors here face.

Experts suggest that in order to solve these problems, India needs indigenous solutions. It is for this purpose COEP has arranged MEDHA.

It will be a two-day event where doctors will give problem statements to a group of engineers. The team then would work for two days on the problem and will come up with the device as a solution.

The Hackathon is arranged on July 20 at National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune. This is the third year of the MEDHA Hackathon.

Dr Sandeep Anasane, Assistant Professor at Production and Engineering Department of COEP, said, “We have arranged this with the aim to give indigenous solutions to the problems which our healthcare industry is facing. Since last two years, after this event the teams have started three start-ups and have patented some products. Some products will soon be produced and will be made available for sale in the market.”

The event is organised under biomedical engineering and technological incubation centre of COEP. The centre provides mentors and other guidance and support required for the development of device. The faculty of the centre have appealed to all doctors and engineers to be part of the Incubation centre. Any doctor and engineer can participate in the annual event of MEDHA.

Dr Ramesh Bhosale, Assistant Professor at B J Medical College, said, “During our practice we come across many instances where we feel a need for a device. Only if indigenous solutions are given, the problems faced by doctors in the field of medical devices can be solved. I myself have given some problem statements and I am mentoring some teams.”