Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor reveals the secret to healthy living

The renowned chef, who has been conferred with the prestigious Padma Shri Award, launches his signature restaurant in Mumbai. Here’s a quick Q&A with Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor at the launch of his restaurant, The Yellow Chilli, in Mumbai

Food is the basic need of life and nutritious food is the key to healthy life, and who better than renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor to vouch for it?

The celebrity chef popularised healthy cooking in every Indian household with his cooking show, Khana Khazana. For his culinary contributions for over two decades now, Sanjeev has been conferred with the prestigious Padma Shri Award this year.

At the launch of his signature restaurant, The Yellow Chilli, in Dadar (Mumbai) in first week of February, Sanjeev Kapoor shares with My Medical Mantra his thoughts on healthy eating and healthy cooking.

You have immense following in India and abroad. Your word is considered to be final with regards to food and cooking, what kind of food do you yourself like to eat?

Well, I would say there is nothing that I like or dislike in food for myself. I like to eat ‘everything’ and there is nothing that I do not like.

Increasingly, people are becoming health conscious these days. What is one diet according to you that everyone should follow?

I believe there is no particularly one thing that one can follow. Different people have different tastes. But only thing you can do is eat whatever you want to, but in moderation. Moderation is the only diet for ‘healthy living’.

Food is the most important aspect with regards to health, so what would be your advice to people on how to maintain a balance between healthy food and unhealthy food?

I believe everyone knows what to have or what not to have for their body. But according to me, only thing to be followed is to keep smiling. Smile and be happy when you eat. Smile when you cook. And as I said, moderation in having anything is the best remedy. So, according to me smile and moderation are the best remedy for a healthy diet.

Is there a particular way of cooking which ensures that important nutrition in food are not lost or burnt?

Yes, access use of any ingredients makes you lose nutrition in food.  For example, with too much use of oil, cheese or masalas (spices), nutrients from food are lost. If I am making vada pav, I make the vada in oil, but at the same time, pav is steamed. This helps in keeping balance in diet.