‘Marzi’ helpline launched for unwed mothers

The number of unwed mothers is going up owing to the lack of education and social and family reasons. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative for the girls to opt for abortion. Due to the loopholes in the abortion law, the girls at a young age shoulder the responsibility of motherhood. For which, Beed district's Jagar Pratishthan and Pune’s SAMYAK NGO’s have joined hands and started a helpline ‘Marzi’ for women

‘Marzi’ helpline launched for unwed mothers

  • The helpline has been launched to guide unwed mothers.
  • Through this helpline, the women will be educated about the PCPNDT act and will be provided health services.
  • Unwed mothers across Maharashtra can avail this facility.
  • Currently, 4 to 5 women call on the helpline asking for the guidance.
  • The helpline number: 9075764763

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ashok Tangde, secretary, Jagar Pratishthan said, “Women are subjected to early pregnancy due to early marriages and other reasons. Women don’t have enough knowledge about abortion law. To educate them regarding the same, we have started this helpline. These women are counselled and we help them seek justice. The information of unwed mothers is kept under wraps.”

Anand Pawar is the Executive Director of SAMYAK, said, “Along with the unwed mothers, this helpline is also for the pregnant mothers. The women are educated about the abortion laws. For which, 450 gynaecologists from the government and private hospitals have been trained. The women visiting these doctors are educated regarding the same. Accordingly the woman is treated.”

Dr Sushma Deshmukh, a Gynaecologist said, “Women should be educated about abortion and its laws. Accordingly, the girls in school and colleges should be educated.