MARD starts patients relief fund for poor patients

The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has started a patient relief fund for those who cannot afford the cost of the treatment


This fund has been started in Sion Hospital, and it will soon be implemented in state and civic-run government medical colleges across Maharashtra.

The concept was started by the doctor to help the patient in their difficult times. It will also help reduce the cost of the financial burden that family has to bear.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Lokesh Kumar Chirwatkar, stated, “We have taken this initiative to help the poor and needy people, we will help the financial bear the cost of their treatment. If a patient requires financial aid, then Rs 10,000, will be provided to the patient on a monthly basis.”

He added, “We will increase this among gradually, if the number of patient who require financial assistance increases.”

He further said, “Our organisation has started this Charity initiative. There are poor patients attending government medical colleges and municipal hospitals all over Maharashtra who need some or other facility for which need to spend money out of his pocket.”

“To help them out we have started this initiative where our orgasation will provide financial assistance of 10 k per month to such needy patients. This fund is raised by contributions from resident doctors. We will revise this monthly limit as per response time to time,” concluded Chriwatkar.

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