MARD appeals GMC and MCGM Medical Colleges to form panel to address issue of health budget

The Central Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) MARD has written a letter to deans in state and civic-run medical colleges across Maharashtra to forming a panel or committee of all deans to demand for a health budget/budget for tertiary medical care as per the WHO norms

MARD appeals GMC and MCGM Medical Colleges to form panel to address the issue of health budget

Resident doctors across the state are working with the highest degree of dedication to provide tertiary care to 112,374,333 population.

Maharashtra is one of the wealthiest and the most developed in the nation, contributing 25% of the country’s modern yield and 12% of its GDP. But still budget, on health, especially tertiary care, is not at par.

Even after we are one of fastest growing economy in the world, we are unable to provide topmost medical care to a patient which basically comes from poor strata of our society including all religions, castes and sub castes. This is the status even after 70 years of Indian independence. Is it not the shameful thing for us.

There are instances where many basic medicines including paracetamol go out of stock many times.

The bed patient ratio is not revised according to population and many patients are seen an they floor of the ward. One or two nurses for a 30 bedded ward which is serving more than 100 patients at a time. One doctor is giving health service to 1800 patients.

There are certain medical colleges where MRI machine is not available and patients are referred 200 kms. Away for that purpose. In certain medical colleges one need to stand for hours in queue just to get his blood pressure checked or to get medicine for common cold.

What quality of tertiary care we are providing? Is it not the time when we should unitedly ask for better quality of health services for our fellow countrymen?

Central MARD stated that poor budgetary allocation on health sector is the reason behind this. What the organisation doesn’t understand is, why government is unable to do it even after 70 years of Independence. Is it like government doesn’t care for poor and helpless which constitute majority of its population? Is the not the violation of fundamental right to health of our citizens given by Indian constitution?

Dr Lokeshkumar Chirwatkar, President, Central MARD said, “As per recent statistics, Maharashtra GDP is 27.96 lakh crores rupees. Five percentage of this comes around 1, 39,800 crores.”

Dr Chirwatkar added, “And current spending of Maharashtra on health is 13,133 crores which as far behind than expected. Naturally it is increasing out of pocket expenditure on health of our citizen. It is not surprising that people are taking law in their hands when inadequate services causing huge inconvenience to them or leading to mortality of their close ones.”

He further stated, “They will show violence because they know they can’t get justice otherwise. Justice in India has become too much costly in terms of money and time. If all of you form a panel and repeatedly ask for Health budget as per WHO norms. Health for all till 2000 document, at least 5% of GDP spending on health to Maharashtra Chief Minister will someday start thinking about its poor population.”

Dr Chirwatkar concluded saying, “Let’s accept the ground reality and face it. Let’s raise voice for justice. Let’s celebrate coming Republic day with this spirit of justice in health sector. We might be working on various positions, but above all we are Indians. And it’s our constitutional responsibility to ask for betterment of health services.”

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