MAPPM wants ban on illegal laboratories as it affects public health

All over Maharashtra there are around 6,000 illegal labs and in Mumbai there are around 500 illegal labs


In state of Maharashtra, be it rural or urban areas, there are thousands of illegal pathology laboratories run by unqualified personnel. This is quackery in the medical field and is hazardous to the public health.

Dr Sandeep Yadav, president of MAPPM said, “All over Maharashtra there are around 6,000 illegal labs and in Mumbai there are around 500 illegal labs.”

To stop this illegal practice, a government resolution (GR) which was passed on 24th May 2016 should come into force. Yadav said, “Running a pathology laboratory and examining the samples of blood, urine and other body fluids / tissues and signing out corresponding reports in medical practice. Such specialized practice can be carried out under the direct supervision of qualified pathologist (MBBS with the post graduate qualifications in pathology) who is registered with the Maharashtra Medical Council or Medical Council of India.”

This Illegal practice is harming the public. Yadav recently said that a person in Nagpur was diagnosed HIV positive by his pathology reports because of which he committed suicide, as he was to be married in 15 days. Later on, the family came to know the reports were bogus.

MAPPM also demands an immediate suspension and departmental enquiry on Dr Pravin Shingare, who is the director of Medical Education and Research of government of Maharashtra.

Yadav added, “Shingare has supported the illegal activities of technicians and their laboratories. He also misguided statements and created confusion about the legal and illegal laboratories in the minds of common man, which have prevented concerned authorities to carry out actions against these laboratories and bogus doctors as per law.”

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