‘Makeover’ gives Mumbaikar a reason to smile

After meeting with a road accident in 2015, a 23-year-old had to undergo a smile makeover. His pearly whites and perfect smile is a result of a well-planned and executed 3D mock-up that lets you see the treatment in a clay model


Medicine is a field that is constantly upgrading itself to keep up with the new innovations in the world. Keeping with the pace, one of the commonly used techniques in the fraternity is the three-dimensional (3D) printing model for the purpose of achieving greater accuracy.


 Let’s take an example of a 23-year-old Rajesh Kadam (name changed) who had met with an accident back in 2015. The road accident left him with intense facial injury, which included a broadening gap between his front teeth. Before his treatment, a 3D model, known as pre-mockup, was made in order to be sure of how he will look after the treatment.

 “Kadam lost a lot of supporting bone structure around his teeth which created a huge gap between his front two teeth and the gum lost was irreplaceable. The boy had lost all hope to ever get that lost structure and get his original smile back. You know when they (Kadam family) walked to us, we were amazed to see that his smile made him look much older than his age due to this gap,” said Dr Anisha Maydeo Bajaj, a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon at Global Hospitals.

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Dr Anisha Maydeo, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

 “Looks for a 23-year-old is very important, and luckily, as he came to us, we gave him a complete smile makeover,” she added.

 The mockup was made because his front tooth looked peculiarly big, as compared to others. “It (teeth) has now gained a lot of importance these days. A mock-up with a pink ceramic was made because in this guy’s case we needed to make artificial gums. He looks very different and is very happy with the treatment,” said Santosh Singh, assistant of Dr Anisha.