‘Make way for ambulances,’ appeals father who lost his son in a traffic jam

Have you ever sat in a traffic jam and observed the vehicles around you, you might have observed what happens when an ambulance tries to make its way. Motorists begin to honk and at times make it difficult for the ambulance to pass through. Have you ever thought about the person inside the ambulance? Here’s why you need to give it a rethink

‘Make way for ambulances,’ appeals father who lost his son due to a traffic jam

On the evening of April 10, 2018 Karyappa Kardagi had called an ambulance as his son, Kartik, a three-year-old boy had swallowed something and it has lodged itself in his oesophagus.

Karyappa was on his way to Pune from Gadhinglaj with his son, when the ambulance was diverted midway as Kartik’s condition began to deteriorate.

The ambulance was diverted to Kolhapur, but there was a huge traffic jam en route to the hospital due to which the ambulance could not reach to the hospital on time and Kartik passed away.

Now Karyappa has chosen to use social media as a platform to appeal to the masses to provide ‘right of way’ to ambulances. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Kardagi said, “I lost my son, but don’t want to face a situation like this. Please understand the importance of giving right of way.”


Dr Omkar Patil, who was with Kartik’s father at the time of the incident said, “I was travelling with Kartik in the ambulance, but on the way his condition worsened. He could not breathe properly and his body had gone cold. We could not reach the hospital in time due to the massive traffic jam and Kartik lost his life.”

Dr Patil added, “People are not aware that they should make way for an ambulance in traffic. They are not concerned about the situation which is an emergency for someone inside the ambulance. Unless they themselves, have gone through a similar tragedy there won’t understand the value of the crucial time being lost.”