Make registration compulsory for Ayurvedic drug stores, FDA to Maha govt 

There are over thousand stores across the state which sell Ayurveda medicines. These days, along with allopathy, a large number of people are opting for Ayurvedic medicines as well


  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Maharashtra has presented a proposal to the government.
  • The proposal stated that all the stores, who are selling Ayurveda drugs, should come under FDA’s purview.
  • As of now, the stores which deal in Ayurvedic medicines, are not registered with the FDA.
  • The FDA officers say, nowadays, a large number of people opt for Ayurvedic medicines, so these stores need to be regulated.

The Maharashtra FDA has proposed the government to make it mandatory for all Ayurvedic drug stores to register with FDA. The FDA has sought government’s immediate intervention, as the demand for Ayurveda drugs is rising.

While Speaking to My Medical Mantra, the Joint Commissioner FDA (Drugs), Arjun Khadtare, said, “There are thousand of medial stores in the state which sell Ayurvedic medicines. But, they are not registered with the FDA, as there is no law to govern them. So, in order to act against these stores, we need specific guidelines. So, we demand that these Ayurvedic drug stores must be brought under the ambit of the FDA.”

“These days we are witnessing that there are various cosmetic products in the market. And these are based on Ayurvedic medicines. Many times people are cheated on the pretext of Ayurvedic medicines. So, to curb this illegal trade, we have written to the government and suggested to bring Ayurveda drug stores under the FDA,” elaborated Khadtare.

The doctors practicing Ayurveda have welcomed the FDA’s move. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ayurveda practitioner, Dr Madhura Kulkarni, said, “We have to maintain the standard and the quality of the Ayurvedic medicines. The FDA’s move is absolutely right. If the government set up a committee to form the guidelines, we can curb the trade of the spurious drugs.”

Dr Parikshit Shevade, who holds an MD degree in Ayurveda, said, “I welcome FDA’s move to make the registration mandatory for the Ayurveda drug stores. Many people have the habit self-medication, and this has to be stopped. People should administer medicines only after the doctor’s advice.”

Demand for Ayurvedic medicines is growing at a rapid speed. So, the FDA fears that spurious drugs may make way into the market. So to curb this, the FDA has written to the Maharashtra government.