‘Make one year rural stint compulsory for doctors,’ recommends health committee

Many a times, citing the unavailability of support staff, poor infrastructure, doctors refuse to report to their rural posting, and opt out for better paying urban posting. This creates a disparity between rural and urban health infrastructure. People living in rural area have very limited private medical facilities and are largely dependent on the state’s medical health system

‘Make one year rural stint compulsory for doctors,’ recommends health committee

Rural India is facing an acute scarcity of medical practitioners. Owing to which, people staying in remote rural areas are deprived of the healthcare facilities. Due to the non-availability of professional healthcare staff, health schemes meant for poor and needy doesn’t reach them.

In order to deal with this serious issue, the parliamentary standing committee on health has given the recommendation to the union government.

Parliamentary standing committee recommendations:

  • The committee is also given to understand that a large number of doctors who study in government medical colleges at the cost of the taxpayers money leave the country at the first given opportunity.
  • The committee recommends that in all such cases a minimum compulsory period of working within the country be prescribed before such doctors can be allowed to serve outside the country.
  • The committee also recommends for consideration of a compulsory one year rural posting for all doctors graduating out of medical schools
  • Subject to the condition that the requisite infrastructure facilities in terms of supporting staff, decent remuneration, necessary medical equipment and appropriate security are made available so that their training can be appropriately utilised for dealing with shortage of doctors in rural/remote areas of the country

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Sudhir Patil, President of IMA, Mumbai chapter said, “The government should not make it mandatory for the doctors to serve rural posting. If at all the government wants to increase the number of doctors, then they should increase the number of governor medial colleges. Doctors serving in the rural areas should be paid properly. By just making it mandatory and not providing the adequate infrastructure this will not serve the purpose.”

State governments across the country are also trying to entice doctors by giving them various monetary benefit and incentives.

Maharashtra’s Health Minister Deepak Sawant, while addressing the state assembly last week had said that the government is preparing a policy to make it more appealing for doctors to work in rural areas.