Make government buildings tobacco-free, central govt directs states

The Union Health Ministry has written a letter to all the state governments, directing them to make all the government buildings tobacco-free. Union Health Secretary, Preeti Sudan has written a letter to the state governments

Image source: Google
Image source: Google
  • Soon, state government buildings will go tobacco-free across all states in India.
  • In order to protect the public health, the Union Health Ministry has issued this directive.
  • The Health Ministry has agreed to provide any technical support to the state government if required.

A number of times, when we visit the government institutions, we see the tobacco or paan stains which have defaced the walls. Apart from making the premises unhygienic and unappealing, it is a public health concern as well.

But a solution is on the horizon, now soon; all the government offices and institutions including government hospitals in the country will go tobacco-free.

Union Health Secretary Priti Sudan has written a letter to the states directing them to make government buildings tobacco-free.

The letter states:

‘It would be appropriate that all buildings/officers under your ministry are made tobacco-free in order to protect public health. We would be happy to extend all the technical support in this regard.

Tobacco use is highly detrimental to health. It is a major risk factor for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic lung disease, stroke, infertility, blindness, tuberculosis.

To protect non-users from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke, smoking in public place which includes all public offices, workplaces, canteen etc., it has been banned under Section 4 of the Cigarettes and other Tobacco products (prohibition of Advertisement and Regulations of Trade and Commerce Production, Supply and Distribution) Act (COTPA), 2003’