#MaharashtraFloods: Volunteers ask people to donate women’s undergarments, stating short supply

While relief work has started in the flood-affected areas of Maharashtra, volunteers demand that donation of undergarments is needed. Especially women and girls are in urgent need of undergarments. While people have donated other clothes, volunteers are stating that there is not enough supply of undergarments


Young girls and women have asked volunteers to give them panties and petticoats. Though people have donated other garments there is not enough supply of panties and petticoats. Volunteers working in the flood-affected area have appealed to people that they should donate these essential things.

Kalyani Gadgil, a volunteer working in the area said, “Girls and women in the flood-affected area are shying away from telling us that they need panties and petticoats. Only when we are asking them about it with some insistence they are telling us that they need it.”


While people have sent clothes, the volunteers are facing a shortage of undergarments which are a necessary item for women in rehabilitation camps.

Bhairavi Deshpande, another volunteer from the area said, “People have sent clothes here but there are not enough undergarments. We appeal to people that they should send some here. We need around 10,000 panties of different sizes for girls and women.”

The volunteers have also specified the sizes which are needed at the camps and the required number of clothing items.

Sampada Limaye, a volunteer working in Sangali, said, “We want petticoats of the sizes 36, 38, 40 and 42. Also, we want panties of sizes 45 to 110. For women we need at least 5,000 panties.”

Payal Mujumdar, a volunteer working in Sangali, said, “All women are girls want panties on urgent basis. We appeal to donate them.”