#MaharashtraFloods: Sangli witnesses 40 cases of dog bites, 8 snake bites

As the water has started to recede and life skips back to normalcy, people have begun to clean their houses and resume work on the farm. Cases of snake and dog bites have now come to the fore

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Post one week of Sangali-Kolhapur floods, people have started cleaning their houses and shops which were inundated with water. Hospitals are catering to patients with injuries and other viral and bacterial infections.

Post-flood different snakes and other insects have begun to emerge from hiding places. Sangali Civil Hospital has noticed a rise in cases of snake bite and dog bite. Around 40 cases of dog bite along with some eight cases of snake bite have been registered in Sangali Civil Hospital.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pallavi Sapale, Dean of Miraj Medical College, stated, “As the floodwaters have begun to recede, we have received around six cases of snake bites. People have come in to seek treatment for the same. Most of them, have been bitten while working on the farm. While few have been bitten while cleaning their house. The patients are now stable and have been discharged.”


Experts point out that post-flood usually the increase in snake and other insects bite is seen. Officials have warned people to take precautionary measures. In case of any type of snake or insect bite officials have aksed people to visit hospital soon.


Kuldeep Pawar, a 22-year-old victim of snake bite from Sangali, said, “While I was cleaning my house which was affected by floodwater, I suffered from snake bite. With flood water, many snakes have come in our area. I have taken treatment and I am good now.”


Dr Subodh Ugavane, Superintendent from Sangali Civil Hospital, said, “The snakes have been found in different corners, water tanks etc of houses. The snakes that had come during flood were poisonous. But the snakes that have come post-flood are not poisonous. But all people should take precautionary measures and should consult a doctor after a snake bite. Also, those who have been suffered from snake bite have been treated and discharged