#MaharashtraElections2019: 102-year-old man casts his vote in Pune

Haji Ibrahim Aleem Joad was earlier hospitalised but took an early discharge for the day to exercise his right to vote


Joad has been a regular voter since India achieved independence and was in a wheelchair when he came to cast his vote on Monday.

The 102-year-old man took an early discharge from the hospital on Monday, October 21 After which he directly headed to cast his vote for the state assembly elections. He was admitted in Pune’s Jehangir Hospital for the past three days with chest pain.

Haji Ibrahim Aleem Joad

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, his grandson Tanvir Joad, said, “My grandfather was admitted to Pune’s Jehangir Hospital for the past three days. He has exercised his right to vote in all of the elections. So today, he was eager to cast his vote. And, as the doctors gave discharged, he directly asked us to take him to a pooling booth for voting.”

“My grandfather had told the doctors, that in the case where he needs to stay in the hospital for further treatment, then he should be taken to the polling booth in an ambulance,” added Tanvir