Maharashtra witnesses death of second person due to heatwave, 88 hospitalised

The heatwave has tightened its grip over Maharashtra, with mercury soaring to new levels every day

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Talking about temperatures, Maharashtra has been seeing increased maximums with Nagpur recording the highest maximum of the season at a whopping 44.1 degrees. The heatwave has gripped many parts of Maharashtra, Vidarbha in particular. The condition is expected to remain the same for the next few days as well.

On April 03, Maharashtra witnessed its first casualty during the on-going summer season due to the heatwave. A middle-aged woman lost her life, in Aurangabad, due to the severe heat.

Now a second person has died in Maharashtra due to the heatwave. The person died in Dhule in North Maharashtra

Maharashtra is reeling under severe heatwave with the temperature reaching about 42-degree Celsius in certain parts of the state.

88 people, those who have suffered due to heat stroke have been undergoing treatment in the hospital. 67 people have been suffering due to the heatwave in the Nagpur region

Dr Pradeep Awate, Head of the Infectious disease cell, Maharashtra, said, “Since March 15, we have recorded second death due to the heatwave. Recently one person has died in Dhule, North Maharashtra. In all, 88 people have been admitted to various hospitals. Out of which, 67 are from the Nagpur region.”

While Dr Jayesh Lele, a general physician from Mumbai stated, “Mumbai is also witnessing a sudden rise in the heat. Owing to which people are suffering from various summer-related ailments. Everyday 2-3 people are coming to me with summer-related ailments.”

“People should drink plenty of fluids to keep themselves hydrated. Also, should keep ORS power with them, in case they suffer from heat stroke,” advised Dr Lele.