Maharashtra now an open defecation free state, declares CM Fadnavis

CM Devendra Fadnavis has declared rural Maharashtra as an open defecation free. Maharashtra CM also claimed that the state government has constructed the highest number of toilets in the country to ensure that everyone has an access to the toilets. These toilets have been constructed under Central Government's Swaach Bharat Mission


  • Maharashtra Chief Minister (CM) Devendra Fadnavis has declared rural Maharashtra as open defecation free. Fadnavis claimed that the state government has constructed around 60 lakh toilets, which is highest in the country 
  • As per the baseline survey, in 2012, as much as 45% of the families had toilets in their home. And the challenge before the state government was to construct the rest 55% toilets
  • Fadnavis has claimed that Maharashtra has completed the task of becoming the open defecation free state, well before the deadline of 2019.

While addressing the press, CM Fadnavis said, “Within just three-and-half years, we have built more than 60 lakh toilets in the state. The task which was undertaken by the state government spanned across the 34 districts, 351 taluka’s, 27,667 grampanchayats and 40,500 villages. After the herculean efforts of the staff, the state has become open defecation free.”

Fadnavis further added, “PM Narendra Modi had said that while India is making huge progress in information-technology, we still have 50 % Indians, those who do not have the toilet facilities. Under Swachh Bharat Mission the deadline to make the state open defection free was set at 2019. But, Maharashtra has achieved that target much before the deadline in 2018 itself.”

CM told the reporters that in the first phase, we have given all the families the access to the toilet, and in the second phase we will try an educate people and encourage them to use the toilet. This will help keep women from feeling embarrassed, as they have to go out in the open because of no access to the toilets.

In order to make sure that everyone uses the toilet, the government has started ‘Darwaja Band’ and ‘Good morning squads’ as well. These band and squads try to discourage people from defecating in open. Besides this, local children armed with whistles will also try and create awareness in the rural areas.

As per Maharashtra government 


Year                                 Toilet constructed  

2013-14                           2,21,849, 

2014-15                           4,88,402, 

2015-16                           8,82,053, 

2016-17                           19,16,461 

2017-18                           22,51,081