Maharashtra govt’s campaign for tobacco-free schools yields positive results

The state government’s campaign to ensure tobacco-free schools has borne fruit. The government had swung into action to prevent future generations of youngsters from being addicted to tobacco products


Around 2,755 schools across Maharashtra have now been declared tobacco-free by the state government.

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), the smoking of tobacco has decreased by 2.1%, and the consumption of tobacco products has decreased by 3.8%.

The Maharashtra government had stepped up its efforts to reduce the consumption of tobacco in the schools across the state.

According to statistics provided by the state government:

  • In 2018, over 1.4 lakh people were counselled over the ill-effects of tobacco consumption.
  • Out of which 6,234 people have stopped consuming tobacco and tobacco products
  • 309 tobacco deaddiction centres have been set up by the Maharashtra government across the state at district and tehsil level
  • Till date, patients in about 804 tobacco deaddiction centers have been declared as tobacco-free

While speaking to the press, Maharashtra health minister, Eknath Shinde, stated, “We have set-up tobacco deaddiction centres across the state. In these centres, people are counselled and are made aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. Around 2,755 schools have been declared as tobacco-free in the state.”