Maharashtra government to enquire about infants deaths in Gondia

Gangabai hospital in Gondia saw 42 deaths of children in last 4 months. Maharashtra government is going to form an enquiry committee to investigate the matter further

Maharashtra government to enquire about infants deaths in Gondia
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The state government is going to form a committee to inquire about the deaths which occurred in Gangabai Maternity Hospital in Gondia district of Maharashtra. 42 children have lost their lives in last 4 months in this hospital. Pediatrics head of Nagpur Medical College will be heading the enquiry committee. Dr Pravin Shingare, Director of Medical Education and Research said while speaking to My Medical Mantra.

In January, 8 deaths were reported from the hospital. It was followed by 13 deaths in February, 9 deaths in March and 12 deaths in April. Though the number of these incidents has been termed as normal by the authorities, the government is going to enquire these incidents.

Gondia district of Maharashtra is home to a significant number of Adivasis. The recurrent death incidents from the same hospital have raised eyebrows among people. The condition of the hospital has been reported to be in a bad state. The crucial posts in the hospital are lying vacant.

Dr Pravin Shingare said “There is no rise in death rate. This is normal. Gondia has population living in remote villages. Mostly children are delivered at home and then brought to the hospital. The mothers are in anaemic condition, babies are also weak. First they treat them at home. Delayed treatment proves to be the cause of their deaths.”

“We are going to form a committee to investigate the matter.” Shingare said in conclusion.