Maha elections: IMA releases health manifesto to make politicians aware on medical issues

As Maharashtra prepares to go to the polls. Netas are organising big rallies, going on door-to-door visits, making poll promises and giving out sops. They are doing everything to make each vote count. As the election is just 10 days away, the political atmosphere in the state is palpable


All the political parties are unveiling their manifesto and the vision about Maharashtra. A manifesto generally gives a person a rough idea about what the party will do once they come into power.

Doctors across Maharashtra are gearing up to meet the candidates across the political spectrum, to make them aware about the health scenario in Maharashtra.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has prepared a ‘Health Manifesto’ which highlights the important aspects of health, which the policy makers should be aware of.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Suhas Pingle, Secretary,  Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra, said, “We have prepared a ‘Health Manifesto’ which we shall be sharing with the candidates soon. All the branches across the state have been asked to meet local candidates to raise various issues related to health.”

The key points raised in the Health Manifesto prepared by IMA

  • Increased public expenditure in Health Care.
  • Universal Health Coverage through government funding
  • Private Public Partnership facilitated by not for profit institutions.
  • Emphasis on Primary Care and Rural Health Care
  • No Criminalisation of Medical Profession
  • Increase GDP share in health care from 1.2% to 5%

Through this initiative, the IMA wishes to offer services as a think-tank, support and pressure group to the government both at national and state level so as to bring health at the forefront on the agenda of political parties.

IMA alleges that the health sector in India has never been given the priority it deserves, leading to grossly inadequate services at levels. The allocation of meagre 1.1% of GDP for health services speaks volumes about the apathy of successive governments towards this most important determinant of social and economic progress of a nation.

The health sector being one of the largest employer of the population and the largest employer of the female population certainly deserves more attention from policymakers.